Electric Touch FABRIC Grip
Electric Touch FABRIC Grip
Electric Touch FABRIC Grip
Electric Touch FABRIC Grip
Electric Touch FABRIC Grip
Electric Touch FABRIC Grip
Electric Touch FABRIC Grip
Electric Touch FABRIC Grip
Electric Touch FABRIC Grip

Electric Touch FABRIC Grip

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  • RocketGrip is made of materials that do not damage gloves compared to regular hockey tapes (no glue)
  • Free Personalization
  • RocketGrip brings locked in, rigid feeling that empowers shots
  • Long-lasting until your stick breaks
  • RocketGrip does not move around nor changes position so you always hit the target
  • RocketGrip is clean without any wrinkles to make your game smooth and comfortable
  • RocketGrip does not get sticky (glue) compared to regular hockey tapes

More power, less damage

Hockey is our game, with over 1.4 million hockey players worldwide, there is a huge competition of who will be the next star! While everyone wants to get better with each shot, there are many ways to improving your game and one of the ways is using the right grip! It is obvious to every player that one of the reasons why the best players can land great shots is because of the way they handle their stick.

To bring you closer to all-star level & improve your shots RocketGrip was created. An easy applicable hockey stick grip that improves the way players handle their stick and makes shots.

Once you apply RocketGrip you will experience locked in, a rigid feeling of the stick. Players confidence on the will rise as perfectly positioned stick will much faster be ready for the next shot.

While some hockey tapes wear off and become loose, Rocket Grip neatly fits around the stick and locks to it. It doesn't move around or changes position even after the most explosive games, bringing certainty that every shot hits the target. For the game to be even smoother and more comfortable Rocket Grip is created to be clean, without wrinkles. Player also do not interfere with glue or other sticky substances that could damage or get gloves dirty.

Each package contains:

  • 1 x RocketGrip sleeve
  • 1 x Rubber Tape
  • 4 x Rings (in SR/Int package); 1 x Ring (Jr/Yth)


RocketGrip is suitable for everyone who shares the love for hockey. If you have a stick, RocketGrip will fit! Besides improving your abilities to handle your stick with more confidence, materials used to create RocketGrip are recyclable & environment-friendly. We do love the game and the World we play on.

We are confident that RocketGrip will bring you to the next level.

Get 20% off the bulk order over 12 grips by using discount code BULK20 at the checkout. Add team logo for free by writing to email teamsales@rocketgrip.eu, indicating the order number and adding the logo in best possible quality in annex.

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No More Holes in Gloves

The holes in the gloves palms are caused by dried glue of the regular tape. The technology employed in our grips is glue-free, the potential of destruction is significantly decreased and close to zero

Maximum Customization

The shrink-application enables players to choose their own grip shape. Rocketgrip doesn't care if you have a big knob, a little knob, or an old tape job since it will preserve the shape you've produced beneath it

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

I bought new hockey gloves as my old pair had to many holes. I figured if I spent all that money on new gloves I should protect the investment and stop using tape on my stick and use RocketGrip. It provides the grip of tape without the harm to my gloves.The first skate with it, I had to get used to it a bit, only because it was different than my tape. By the 2nd period, I didn’t even notice it.Installation was a bit intimidating at first, but it was actually easy. I got the RocketGrip that required a heat gun, luckily my friend had one I could borrow. I started with the heat gun far away as not to risk burning, I eventually had to move closer, about 8” and kept it moving, it worked fine. Don’t forget to leave ¼ inch at the top to secure it than slowly move down the grip. Easy Peasy.Quick Pros:• RocketGrip is made of materials that do not damage gloves and is glue or wax free, compared to regular hockey tapes where the dried glue causes holes.• superior grip and improved control• It is waterproof and lightweight, giving your stick longer-lasting durability and superior power and control FOR training and playing!• does not move around or change its position• Feels as Lightweight as Tape, but comes with enhanced structural filaments for a firm grip as a protector on the hockey stickQuick Cons:Wish the grip would shrink a bit more for a more snug fit. Wish it came with more rubber rinks in various sizes.Official Product Name:ROCKETGRIP Hockey Stick Fabric Replacement Grip - Better Than Grip Tapes - Long Lasting Premium Quality Easy to Install Ice Hockey Sports Grip for Adults and KidsRating System Definitions:5 Star = Excellent, better than expected, highly recommend4 Star = Met expectations, would recommend3 Star = below expectations, but ok2 Star = Not at all what was advertised, unsatisfactory-Ant


This grip is not bad at all…decent balance between as little material/weight as possible & a good gripThe grip is good…I halfway want a bit softer grip for comfort but also realize that could start adding weight on some of the higher end sticks that are super light.Overall a good stick grip although the price seems a bit much to me. Hard to argue for this over tape at that price. Also what if I put it on my stick & it breaks the next game?

Mallory Lopez

I purchased the American flag hockey grip to replace the tape on the end of my son’s stick. We generally change tape every few games, as it can get worn, and gummy, depending on how hard he is playing in practicing. As you can see from the zoomed in picture of this hockey grip, this style is the ‘ locked in’ style ‘with holes’ grip. It feels slightly textured to the touch, mom, but still pretty, smooth feeling.It does require some thought, and preparation to decide how you would like to put on your foam, tape, whether spiral or rings, and how that will feel compared to typical tape.This grip was very easy to apply and works great for the purpose, apparently we picked the wrong style of foam, tape grip, or perhaps my young son it’s just very picky still- we use the ring around style, but I think he would have preferred a spiral, or perhaps the fabric like grip, with no foam tape underneath. I think we will try these different styles for practice to see if he likes it. We have many hockey sticks, I think he just needs to get used to this style of grip, but it seems to stay in his hands very well.


Upon first opening the package, I had some doubts about how to install this, but I decided to give it a try. The installation process involved using tape around the top of the stick, then adding the black rings, and finally, sliding on the grip itself. After boiling a pot of water, I poured the hot water onto the grip, which caused it to shrink and conform to the shape of the stick and rings.However, I later realized that I hadn't positioned the grip high enough over the top of the stick, which resulted in it not fully covering the top ring, as you can see in the photo. Nevertheless, it did manage to create a secure seal and fits tightly. If I were to offer a suggestion, I'd recommend positioning the grip about an inch above the end of the stick before heating it. In my case, I had it at about half an inch, which may have caused the issue.

Electronics addict

Got this because the tape on my stick had dried out and was falling off. Installation per the instructions was easy - it only took about 3 minutes. The grip feels good - better than tape.My only issue is that the top didn't seal evenly - see the photo. I don't think this is critical, but it sure looks ugly and has left me wondering if I should trim back the excess. I even measured to make sure I left 1cm extra at the top as instructed.I also think this is pretty pricey - putting a $30 grip on a $100 stick that we know will eventually break...If you do go this route, I'd recommend doing it on a new stick only.

Hear from our customers!


Gregory Hofmann / CBJ

"I love the grip. It gives you a good feel of the puck."

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