How It Works

6 Step Process and You are All Set!

Follow the steps below to perfectly apply the Rezztek® on your hockey stick blade. If you have any other questions, read the question section bellow, it might help. Or watch the video below!

Clean Your Blade

Carefully clean your hockey sticks blade with fiber so there would be no dirt or adhesive from tape on it.

See if Shape Fits Your Blade

Shape should fit you blade, however if it does not use scissors to adjust it to necessary form.

Peel Off Linner

Peel off the backing of the Rezztek®, try not to place your fingers too much on the adhesive side.

Apply from the Middle of Your Blade

Bend-in with your fingers the Rezztek® blade grip and first and foremost apply middle and then even out both front and heel. Apply 3mm (1/8'') from the bottom edge.

Apply Pressure To Active The Adhesive

Slowly put a pressure with your fingers to activate the adhesive until there are no airbubbles inbetween the Rezztek® and blade. Roll over with a round object.

Wait 30 minutes

Give a 30 minute wait and you are ready to hit the ice! Score many goals and be a good team player, Cheers!

Still need help? Watch the Video below

Popular Questions about Rezztek®

Not enough pressure when applying the adhesive. Rezztek® uses a pressure sensitive adhesive to stick to the blade. After you position it on the blade, make sure to push down hard and roll over with a round object Applying the Rezztek® too close to the bottom edge. This can lead to the Rezztek® getting in direct contact with the ice. It might cause lower durability of the Rezztek® material. Always apply at least 3mm (1/8 of an inch) from the bottom edge of the blade Not allowing the Rezztek® to fully adhere to the blade of the hockey stick. Allow the Rezztek® to sit on the blade at least 30 minutes before the game. Always apply at room temperature, because the adhesive might not get to full strength when applying on a stick that is ice cold.

When properly applied, Rezztek® lasts up to 8-10 sessions. Replace your Rezztek® when at least 30% of its surface is damaged. Improper application, that does not allow the Rezztek® to fully adhere to the blade can cause lower durability of the Rezztek®. Make sure to apply the Rezztek® according to the instructions or watch the video below

Start with a corner and slowly peel the Rezztek® off. For best results, peel the Rezztek® off rather before a game, than directly after a game, when the stick is still wet from ice & snow.

Yes! Rezztek® can be used on Bauer, CCM, Warrior, True and Sher-wood sticks.

Most important ones are:

1. Speed improved by 3%
2. Accuracy improved by 6%
3. Energy improved by 5%
4. Durability is 8-10 sessions per Rezztek®
5. 50% lighter than tape

If you want to read more about these numbers and research done - An Independent study, Influence of Physical Properties of Hockey Stick Blade on Shots“ by Martin Plesch in 2019 compared Rezztek® to traditional hockey tape.

If you have other questions not answered above we might have answered them in the general FAQ page, but if you don't find the answers there, feel free to write us the question to, we usually reply within 1-2 business days.