How It Works

Follow the instructions to perfectly apply the Fishing Grip

Step 1. - Measure

Measure each part of your rods handle and right after measuring move to step 2.

Step 2. - Cut in lenghts

Use scissors to cut the grip in the lenghts that you measured in step 1.

Step 3. - Leave 1 cm

It is important to leave around 1cm from the knob out before applying the heat to Fishing grip.

Step 4. - Start from the Top

First and foremost you have to start from the knob side, remeber to hold your thumb on the grip as long as top has shrunken and is fixed, so it would not move

Step 5. - Slowly Rotate

When applying the grip, slowly rotate the racket, it should shrink on all sides equally until it has fully fitted.

Step 6. - You are ready

Lastly let it cool down for a few minutes and you are ready for that next big catch

Popular Questions about Fishing grips

Before placing the order please measure your rods handle total length. We offer 2 sizing options, check which one fits yours!

One of the most important things is that don't throw out the grip if this happens. Use heat gun instead of the boiling water and everything will be fine! It happens because some kettles do not fully boil the water temparture as neccessary. For Rubber grips we recommend to use heat gun only!

The grip does not consist of any glue, so it is really easy to remove it, one simple cut and peal it off.

If you have other questions not answered above we might have answered them in the general FAQ page, but if you don't find the answers there, feel free to write us the question to, we usually reply within 1-2 business days.

Seems everything is clear now

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