RocketGrip is the official Rezztek® blade grip personalization partner

Offical Rezztek® Ice hockey stick blade grip now personalizable for better accuracy, speed and power

Mix-Match Rezztek® with
RocketGrip hockey grips

Heat-srink technology hockey grip. Faster, simpler, and more magical way of instaling grip on your stick. Variety of designs - starting from flag patterns till army camo. You definately will find grip that will match yours teams colors

From Rezztek® customers


I like how Rezztek allows me to grip the puck better than my tape. My passes are more accurate and I also feel my one-timers are better with Rezztek

Filip Hronek

Detroit Red Wings


Everything in the game of hockey is evolvong, yet tape stayed the same. Rezztek is a step in the right direction and I enjoy using it

David Kampf

Toronto Maple Leafs


I like Rezztek better than tape because it is more durable, I don't have to change it every period. It feels lighter as well. It has qualities of hockey tape, just better in every aspect

Andrej Sekera

Dalas Stars


Ever since I tried Rezztek few years back I felt big improvements immediately. Since then I only use Rezztek.

Zdeno Chara

New York Islanders


I feel the puck better with Rezztek on my blade, my shots and passes are more accurate. And I don't have to tape my stick everyday :)

Jakub Lauko

Providence Bruins