Keep working on your stick handling during quarantine!

Keep working on your stick handling during quarantine!

Hockey season got stopped early, hockey rinks and gyms may be closed and most countries might be quarantined, but that doesn’t mean your training process has to completely stop as well!

RocketGrip and HockeyRevolution came together to create a kit to help you work on your puck control and stick handling skills at home!


Six different kits!

Today’s game is evolving and hockey players on average are getting better and better which means every little thing matters!

To become a great hockey player and be the one who stands out, you must train not only with your team on ice, but you also have to be determined to spend a lot of time training alone.

Now when hockey season has been cut short and the offseason time is going to be longer than usual it is important to stay on top of your game and keep working on bettering your skills to be ready for the new season!

That is why RocketGrip and HockeyRevolution came together to provide you six different kits with all the necessary tools to work on your stick handling, passing or shooting and some RocketGrips for that extra comfort while doing that!


Just like with everything else in life, the more you work on it the more comfortable and free you can feel doing that thing. Stickhandling is the base for passing and shooting which means that by working on that it will help you have more control over the puck and be more accuracy with your passes and shots! 

Hockey is a fast, high impact game so having your head up and not staring at the puck will not only bring your performance to a new level, but can also save you from injuries!

But it's very important to work smarter not harder, even 5 to 10 minutes of stickhandling every single day can make a huge difference! Athlete burnout is a real thing so work hard, but make sure to give your body time to rest and recover! 




Why is passing so important? Because it sets up almost every scoring opportunity. Passing is actually a very common problem with the young players as everyone wants to score and sometimes in situations where their teammate might be in a better position they will take the shot or skate the puck themselves regardless.

It's important for coaches to teach their players to be able to make these decisions quick and under pressure, and know when to be selfish and when to use your teammates!

Hockey is a team sport and only those teams who play together win championships!



Everyone loves scoring goals, that's what we train for, that's what wins games and championships. One of the greatest all time hockey players Wayne Gretzky has a very famous quote, 

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

Which means that you have to try and take those shots to have an opportunity to score. Statistically most times you wont, but that's why it's important to work on your accuracy and hand speed so that when you do shoot you bare down and take those opportunities to score!


Make your dreams a reality!

You can’t become a professional hockey player overnight, but you gotta start somewhere so why not start now with the help of RocketGrip and HockeyRevolution? 

To make it easier for all hockey players HockeyRevolution has made an app where you can choose from different passing, shooting or stickhandling drills and start working towards your dream today!