Join the Movement!

Join the Movement!

Coronavirus stopped workouts, practices, games and fully canceled seasons, but it can’t stop us from training at home. 

Offseason has always been a challenging time for all athletes because you need to take your time to rest and heal, and at the same time get ready for the new upcoming season.

Since the Coronavirus situation in the world made our offseason’s time longer than normally we, a team of a bunch of hockey players who share the love for this amazing game, put our heads together and decided to start a movement called #DontStopHockey! 


DSH movement was created to promote training at home at this difficult time and keep spreading the love for this game. Basically, what were trying to do is we encourage all of our mates out there to #DontStopHockey in any way you can! 

Stickhandle, shoot, include some workout elements in your puck control drills or even take it further - learn new tricks and challenge your friends! 

It's always more fun and motivating to do things together so lets bring the whole hockey community closer and encourage each other with #DontStopHockey! Share videos of you training at home or challenge a friend and place the hashtag so others can see, follow and inspire!


How to join the movement!

Follow #DontStopHockey on social media and visit the website for inspiration from different puck control specialists and hockey enthusiasts. Make sure to use this hashtag and your videos might be shared on DSH accounts! 

Let’s be united in these hard times and show some support by motivating each other, and remember - DON’T STOP HOCKEY!