Hockey Slang Translated

Hockey Slang Translated

You can be fluent in English, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you will understand everything that's being said in and around hockey!

Hockey players has developed their own language, with different terms and sayings that bring more fun to the game and makes in more special.

Here's some of the most popular hockey terms translated:

Apple - an assist

Barn - rink or arena

Barnburner - high-scoring game

Bender a player whose ankles bend while they're skating

Biscuit - the puck

Beauty - a player who is loved not only for his skills, but for his personality

Bucket - a helmet

Celly - a celebration after a goal is scored

Cherry Picker - player who stays around the red line looking for breakaway passes, neglecting their defensive zone duties

Chirp - trash talk/Insults directed toward an opponent, their bench or refs

Clapper - a slapshot

Dangle - refers to a great stick-handling

Gongshow - used when a game gets out of hand with multiple fights, lots of penalties, and lots goals

Grinder - a player that usually plays on the dump and chase line. Their role is to finish his checks and wear down the opponents.

Hoser - a trash talk term for calling a player or team a loser

One-T - (one-timer) shooting the puck while in motion

Sauce - a well executed pass (a pass that goes in the air, hits back on the ice right before getting to the recipient) that sits flat on the receiving player’s tape

Snipe/Sniper - a great shot that results in a goal or a player that scores often

Stripes - referee.