RocketGrip over Regular Tape - Why?

RocketGrip over Regular Tape - Why?

Today’s hockey game is growing and evolving at tremendous speed, and even the very well known, tried and trusted stick tape we all have used for decades has found a competition. This alternative to a hockey tape is a grip made out of rubber, that you install on top of your stick.

Customize like never before!

Rubber grips usually have different textures and patterns with an option to customize with texts and logos of your choice! Of course people by their nature are creatures of habit, so some may still prefer the classic stick tape, but stick grips are becoming more and more popular, and have won pro hockey players over as the grips offer benefits in many areas.

Comfort and ergonomic form = better performance

These rubberized grips has more elasticity as classic hockey tape and the rubber helps to absorb the energy and vibrations a stick receives when the puck hits the blade and vice versa. In other words said, your hands can transfer the energy more more efficiently and comfortably which allows you to have a better control over your stick.

RocketGrip gives you the ability to really customize the feel of the grip to have your hand locked in to the stick as they come with a strip of rubber tape and four hard rubber rings that you can apply on your stick under the grip before you install it!

Connivence is the key!

Majority or people find that installing and removing RocketGrip is quick and easier than regular tape, because application and removal of a regular tape can be challenging sometimes, and not only that - regular tape wears off quicker and you need to go through this challenge of removing and applying it over and over again quite often.

Even tho these two competitive products have quite a few differences, they have one thing in common - they are not reusable, but RocketGrip unlike hockey tape is recyclable and environment-friendly!

How to save in the long run!

Because of the material regular tape is made it’s also more susceptible to blade and your hockey gloves, but rubber grips actually save the palms of your gloves since there is no sticky adhesive tape to transfer to the gloves. In addition, RocketGrip will not only be easy on the palms of your gloves, but also your wallet! A single grip may cost a little more than a roll of a classic hockey tape, but once you’ve installed it, it will last as long as your stick and you wont need to keep redoing it!           





  • customize & personalize
  • protects and saves gloves
  • easy installation & removal
  • lasts as long as your stick
  • recyclable & environment-friendly
  • need a heat gun or boiling hot water to install
  • non reusable

Classic hockey tape

  • no need for additional things to apply
  • destroys gloves
  • challenging application & difficult to remove
  • have to re-tape the stick quite often
  • non reusable


Customization is becoming more popular as the sport evolves and the performance level is getting higher which means having that proper skate fit to have the maximum power in every single stride or having the perfect grip for you to have your hand really locked in for a better feel of the stick which means better puck control, more powerful and accurate shot can really help bringing your performance to the next level and even change the outcome of the game, because all the little things really do matter!