Fishing Grip Description & Specification


A product that every professional, amateur, or hobby level fisher will fully enjoy. New technology grip, which nicely fits around all rods, it doesn’t matter whether you use spinning, casting, fly, or other rods. The grip will shrink in a way to fit yours. We have two sizing options for this - measure the handle and pick the right one for you!

With RocketGrip you won’t need to change the old cork, apply the RocketGrip sleeve over it and it will look, work and feel like new, upgraded version better than cork. The grip will make your rod feel comfortable and smooth, fully ready for the next big catch!

Color and design variations will allow you to match the grip color, with your team, rod, or other apparel. Also don’t forget, you can add personalization and it is for FREE, we will cover it!

RocketGrip is a long-lasting product, you won’t need to change it until your rod breaks… which is close to never. If you decide to change colors and install new RocketGrip - the old one can easily be taken off by a simple cut with scissors


  • 1 x RocketGrip


  1. Regular - (Maximum Diameter 35mm, Lenght 330mm)
  2. Big - (Maximum Diameter 40mm, Lenght 430mm)

RocketGrip is suitable for everyone who shares a love for fishing. If you have a rod, RocketGrip will fit! Besides improving your abilities to handle your rod with more confidence, materials used to create RocketGrip are recyclable & environment-friendly. We do love fishing and the World where we fish.

We are confident that RocketGrip will bring you to the next level.